Evidence Based EFT for Personal Use

If you want to learn a stress reduction technique backed by over 250+ published trials, Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) might be for you! This version of our training is open to anyone over the age of 16 years. We have two options: attend a live 1-day training (when available) and learn in person, or work through at your own pace. Our online version has lifetime access!


Evidence Based EFT for Personal Use

Learn to apply EFT Tapping to 3 areas

1. EFT for Stress and Worry

EFT has also been shown to lower cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. Too much cortisol can result in lowered immune function and ultimately affect our physical health. EFT has been shown to down regulate genes associated with the stress response, and improve immune functioning. Learn how to tap for stress in this first module.

2. EFT for Physical Issues (Pain)

Pain is a very real thing, although it is difficult to objectively measure it. Research shows that being in a negative mood makes pain sensations in the body magnified. EFT has been explored for chronic pain and other physical issues, with great success. Learn how to tap on the physical sensations of pain for relief.

3. EFT for Sleep and Energy

EFT may be the new coffee during the afternoon slump after this module! Learn how tapping can assist with energy levels, and also sleep and insomnia. Many research trials have explored EFT for insomnia in a range of age groups and it is a very useful strategy for this area in life.


Included in the Course

EFT for Children

Children as young as 4-5 years can also tap! We also cover how to slightly adjust for our younger children, and resources such as handouts and cool ideas for young ones are outlined.

EFT Research

If you are interested in the science and evidence behind EFT and the growing body of research, then be assured it is included! The program contains links to the seminal work, and the best websites to explore.

Further Training?

If at the end of the program you wish to explore EFT further, we have included trainings that are suitable for lay people to become a practitioner, or skills based trainings to deepen your application if you are already a health care professional.


What Our Students Say

Thank you! Great workshop! Well structured, clear and concise, and a good mix of theory and practice. Great energy from Peta and lovely participants. 

Katarina Simic


Excellent, fun, informative. Have tapped for a number of years but i really seemed to refine my tapping with this course. Love we got to practice as well.

Wendy Johnson


Great revision and experiential day!

Mia Olssen


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