EFT Universe Certification Training


Dr Peta Stapleton is a certified Trainer for EFT Universe (the largest EFT Website in the world). These trainings are designed for anyone to be able to train in the technique and work towards becoming fully certified. Lay people are welcome to attend these trainings. Please note this is a DIFFERENT training to the Evidence Based EFT skills training.

The full requirements of what you need to do to complete certification is here.  There are several levels of EFT training. Each training builds on the one before.

EFT Level 1 provides you with hands-on instruction from EFT experts and practice with several proven EFT methods like the Movie Technique and the Tell the Story Technique.

EFT Level 2 develops your skills further, as you learn the “Gentle Techniques” to use with traumatic emotional memories, Finding Core Issues, EFT via telephone and Skype, and much more. After taking an EFT Level 1 and EFT Level 2 workshop, you can practice your skills with others and have these sessions count toward EFT Certification (EFT Intermediate Practitioner-1).

EFT Level 3 is focused on creating a solid EFT practitioner practice, with lots of sessions with different people, and solving some of the difficult problems that you might encounter. After taking all three EFT Workshop levels, and sufficient supervised practice, students are eligible for the second level of certification (EFT Expert Practitioner-2).

Please note: Dr Peta is not conducting any of these trainings in 2018. Please see Naomi Janzen or Jenny Johnston‘s training websites in Australia for 2018 trainings.