Want to Dive Deeper with your Tapping Practice? 

Online Tapping Masterclasses Are Available Here!

These Masterclasses focus on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘Tapping’. They do assume you have knowledge of how to apply the technique already, but perhaps you are looking to increase your skill in a single area (as per each Masterclass topic).  If you are new to EFT, it is strongly recommended and vital that you attend a training in person.

Please click on any Masterclass to be taken to the landing page to view the module overview.


These Masterclasses are self paced, 100% online without any support, and you take full responsibility for your own learning. You also agree to the Disclaimer written here.

Additional Masterclasses will continually be added so feel free to check back. They are open to anyone to access.

All Masterclasses have lifetime access and you will receive a certification of completion when you complete the training. You may use these as professional development if it is relevant to your profession – this is your responsibility to record.

If you have attended an Evidence Based EFT Training you may have a code to access the Masterclasses at a discount – please enter that code in the checkout field.