4-Part Lecture Series


FROM HEART TO SCIENCE is a 4 part lecture series that will inspire you to implement evidence-based, self-care practices.

Mind Heart Connect – Creating Resilient Lives inaugural event hosted on the Gold Coast in Australia – May 2017 showcased world class speakers in the mind-body-heart arena.

This lecture series provides an inspirational and insightful view of mind/heart practices, supported by the scientific proof so many of us seek.

In this series you will:

  • travel into the heart of Dr. Lori Leyden’s humanitarian work in the US, Africa & Australia viewed through eyes of a world leading trauma specialist;
  • understand the basic scientific principles of the placebo effect and it’s impact on our physiology, delivered with humour by leading Hay House author Dr David Hamilton;
  • be educated by world leading researcher Dr Peta Stapleton, about the science behind EFT/tapping, a ground-breaking technique combining psychotherapy & acupressure; and finally
  • be entertained by YouTube extraordinaire Brad Yates, as he demonstrates how these self-care tools can be easily incorporated daily into your life

Each lecture is $24.04 or all 4 for $74.65 – Stream anytime