The benefits of writing in a journal have actually been studied. Just keeping a diary or journal has been shown to make therapy more effective for symptoms of depression, self esteem, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, asthma, arthritis, and many other health conditions and disorders.

The benefits to your physical health include improved blood pressure, immune system, better sleep and more buoyant mood.

This journal is designed so you can keep a track of what you have ‘tapped on’ with EFT.

Inside you will find 92 pages containing everything you need to pursue your personal growth, and plenty of room for your regular thoughts. You will be able to record any event, feeling or thought and the changes you experience as you tap. Be inspired by the words of others as you complete your own personal peace procedure, and a year’s worth of space to document your journey.

AU$16.95 each or 5 for AU$70 in Australia.

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Chapter 4 EFT for PTSD is Free

EFT researcher and author Peta Stapleton, Ph.D., brings together the history and cutting-edge research of tapping in The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body (Hay House). 

Peta also shows how tapping can be used for a whole host of ailments, including anxiety, weight issues, depression, trauma, and more. You can read Chapter 4 EFT for PTSD below for free. 

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